Just A Few Tips To Prep Your Chicken For Winter

Just A Few Tips To Prep Your Chicken For Winter

Winter Prep

If you are a backyard chicken owner, you know that taking care of your feathered friends can be a year-round responsibility. When winter approaches, it's important to take extra precautions to ensure your chickens stay healthy and happy. Here are a few tips to prep your backyard chicken for winter.

Provide Adequate Shelter

The first step in prepping your backyard chicken for winter is to ensure that they have adequate shelter. Chickens can tolerate cold temperatures, but they need a warm, dry place to roost at night. Make sure that their coop is well insulated, draft-free, and free from leaks. You may also want to consider using a heating source to keep them warm during extreme cold weather.

Cover your Run

To keep your chickens healthy and comfortable during the winter, it's crucial to protect their run from the elements. This can be achieved by covering the run with a wind and snow barrier while still allowing the chickens to access it. Additionally, you should ensure that their food and a heated waterer are available within the run. This way, your chickens can spend most of their day in the run, protected from the harsh weather conditions outside.

Heated Waterer

Ensuring that chickens have access to fresh, unfrozen water is critical to their health, especially during the colder months. One way to achieve this is to use chicken waterers with built-in heaters, or to make a DIY heater for the water. Whichever option you choose, it is essential to ensure that the cables or other heating elements are safe and will not pose a risk to the chickens.

Protect Them From Predators

Winter is a tough time for predators too, and they may be more likely to target your chickens during this season. Make sure to secure your coop with sturdy fencing and lock the doors securely at night. Additionally, consider installing motion-activated lights or alarms to deter predators.

Keep Them Active

Even in the winter, chickens need exercise and stimulation to stay healthy. Consider providing them with some toys, such as hanging cabbage or a roosting bar. You may also want to let them out of their run for a little while each day, weather permitting, to explore and stretch their legs.

In conclusion, prepping your backyard chicken for winter is all about keeping them warm, dry, and healthy. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your feathered friends make it through the winter happy and healthy.

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