Embracing the charm of urban sustainable living, I've discovered the joys in raising backyard chickens. This delightful journey isn't just about the fresh eggs every morning; it's about connecting with nature right in our backyards, understanding the rhythm of life, and experiencing the rewarding process of caring for these feathered friends. My passion extends beyond my own urban oasis – it's about inspiring and guiding others to fulfill their dream of becoming backyard chicken enthusiasts. Together, we're not just raising chickens; we're nurturing a community, embrace sustainable living one backyard at a time. Let's embark on this fulfilling adventure together, and bring the rustic serenity of countryside living into the heart of our urban homes. Every family, every pet, every chicken has a story, which is why I’m going to interduce you to our chickens. Meet the flock below and enjoy them as much as we have and do.

What does it take to raise backyard chickens?

Raising backyard chickens can be a rewarding experience. With the right knowledge and a well-prepared setup, it can be straightforward and enriching for both your family and your chickens.

  • 1) Research Local Laws and Regulation

    Most cities/towns have local laws and regulations, so you much find out what are the regulations for your local city.

  • 2) Choose the Right Breeds

    There are many different chicken breeds, so it is important that you get the right breed(s) for your needs.

  • 3) Build or Purchase a Coop & Run

    Chickens need a security place to spend their day and spend their night. By night they need a coop to sleep in and to lay their eggs during the day. By day, they spend most of their time in a run or out door space.

  • 4) Purchase Feed and Supplies

    There is different foods for different age of your chickens. There is starter feed for new chicks, grower feed for growing chickens and laying feed for laying hens, etc. It is very important that you are feeding your chickens the right food for the right stage in their lives.

  • 5) Get your Chickens

    After you have steps 1-4 figured out, it is important to buy your fertilized eggs, chicks or chickens from a trusted place.

  • 6) Care for your Chickens

    Caring for your chickens are the most important part of having chickens. It is very, very important to care for them since they are a live animal.