The Story Behind “On The Farm” Book

Eric, Esther and Timmy grew up in a big family on a small farm in Wisconsin. Like all little children they got into trouble from time to time. One of those times was in June 1987 and they were put on a time out and told to write something. Esther and Timmy wrote “On The Farm” book. The idea for the book was for children that didn’t grow up on a farm to learn a little bit about the farm. After they wrote the book they asked their mom if they could create pictures on their old Apple II computer, but their mom said it would cost too much money in ink, so they started to work on their older brother Eric. Finally Eric gave in and he illustrated the books. This book sat with the hope to get published one day, and in 2022 that dream came true. On The Farm is the 1st book in a series of books. The rest of these books are in the process of getting written and illustrated, so keep coming back for news and announcements.

  • Esther Joy Steenlage Maruani

    Mother, Instructional/Web Designer, International Best-Seller Author

    Esther wrote her first children’s book when she was 10 years old, and finally published that book. She is writing more books as we speak. Esther is married and a mother of 4 wonderful children.

  • Timmy Steenlage

    Home Builder, Author

    Timmy wrote his first children’s book when he was eight years old, and finally published that book. Timmy works for Anchor Builders, building houses and he loves to travel.

  • Eric Steenlage

    Doctor, Illustrator

    Eric was pressured into illustrating a children’s book when he was nineteen by his younger sister and brother. Eric is an Orthopedic Doctor and loves fishing and traveling.